TapzMania – Bug Killer released

TapzMania   Bug Killer released

Hands up who remembers the old Spectrum classic game called “Pssst” ? Come on.. you must remember ? It was big in the 80’s? No? Well, anyways.. Here’s an update to this concept – called “TapzMania – Bug Killer” – now in 3D !

When I first saw this I thought, “What the hell are those long green things with red helmets? They look like something I found in my moms bedroom draw years ago. Anyway… here’s the info..

TapzMania is a shooter game where you must defend the plants from the hungry bugs. Don’t let them approach the plants otherwise they will die!

– 300 levels (up to 1600 through expansions).
– 5 skill levels.
– 3 environments (up to 16 through expansions).
– Multiplayer mode (via Bluetooth).
– Online scoreboard.
– Built in tutorial

Click here to try or buy!

UPDATE! – If you buy the full version you get Walls and Balls Breakout clone for free !