HTC Universal to launch with Windows Mobile 5.0

HTC Universal to launch with Windows Mobile 5.0 The HTC Universal, seen right, will be the first 3G device to have Windows Mobile 5.0 – announced yesterday in Las Vegas by Bill Gates.

From the HTC Press Release..

“The HTC Universal is a 3G-enabled device that takes advantage of the advanced Windows Mobile 5.0 features, The built-in keyboard enables users to create and edit files with Microsoft Office applications. For phone and communications, the latest video telephony and dual-camera functionality facilitate high-speed connections and videoconferencing. The clamshell design of the device features a 180 degree pivot screen. With its new user interface boasting portrait and landscape modes, the new 3G phone will automatically change to the best interface. Users can also switch between the two display modes at their own discretion. In addition, users can send and receive pictures and video files at more rapid connection speeds. With its dual speaker stereophonic sound system, users can enjoy smooth and high-resolution videos at anytime.”

Get a video of this device here at Mobile Gadget News. We’re hoping to see this device on Vodafone and possibly Orange.

Full press release here.