Getting Smartphone music on your radio!

Getting Smartphone music on your radio! OK, remember this story from last week? Well, the Audia-x FM Transmitter has now arrived – all the way from America. I gotta admit that it works pretty well indeed. I’ll be writing a full review on this when I get chance, however I’ve had a quick play at lunch-time when I went down Morrisons (how showbiz am I eh?!) with my little MP3 player. I took this wonky shot on my SPV C500 just to show it in action.

The Audia-x FM Transmitter is incredibly light and will run from the included AAA battery or via the cigarette lighter in your car – meaning that it’ll go off automatically when you reach your destination. The digital read-out is spot-on and the audio quality is sharp and clean, I’ve not noticed the FM signal “drifting” either.

Buy or get more info on the Audio-x FM Transmitter here. It’s about £20.80. Don’t forget you’ll need a 3.5mm to 2.5mm adaptor to fit it to your Smartphone – they’re available here.

Watch out for the review coming soon.