The SMT 5600 goes back on sale – now on Cingular

The SMT 5600 goes back on sale   now on Cingular Visitors from the USA have been pretty much left out in the cold as far as the Windows Smartphone is concerned. The Audiovox SMT 5600 (AKA the SPV C500) was released on AT&T Wireless, but then AT&T Wireless promptly got taken over by Cingular and the handset was taken off sale. However, Mobile Gadget News have this update…

“Breaking news! The Audiovox SMT5600 has now launched on the Cingular network. You may not be able to find it yet but it is rolling behind the scenes. It will be available starting today in select retail stores,, and via agent and B2B Direct channels.

I have not been able to locate it in my zip code or the old standby 90210 but it is there for some. Very exciting, we are getting the phone back in play.”

This is excellent news for the US market, even though the price does look a tad high at the moment.

More info and source – Mobile Gadget News