First real pictures of the Orange SPV C550

First real pictures of the Orange SPV C550 Stuff Magazine have now posted this photograph – believed to be the first quality shot of the phone – on the web.

The handset can now be seen much more clearly, and – after getting my hands on a T-Mobile SDA for a few minutes today – it’s very similar in design terms to the SDA too. Adam Vaughan, of Stuff Magazine, says…

“As you can see from the photo, the screen’s resolution is far better than the C500 – a particularly useful improvement for the upped 1.3MP camera.

A quick play with WMP 10 reveals it to be far better than the media player on the C500. This time you can browse content by artist, album, genre or type of media (TV, video, audio). Disappointments? The Mini SD slot’s still behind the battery, the numberpad’s a little too near the bottom of the phone and the music player buttons should really be where the Home and Back ones are.”

This keyboard re-configuration is now fairly common on these devices. T-Mobile swapped buttons around for their SDA and SDA Music handsets, so the alternative button-layout for the C550 is something we’ll probably get used to. 🙂

Source – Stuff Magazine / Adam Vaughan