Stuff Magazine have the Orange SPV C550!

Stuff Magazine have the Orange SPV C550! Yes, top UK gadget magazine Stuff have the Orange SPV C550 in their sweaty mitts and have a “first thoughts” article online here.

In the article Adam Vaughan states…

“First thoughts: it’s heavier, bigger and seemingly a bit slower on the menus than its predecessor. It’s also, however, equipped with a far superior hi-res screen, a 1.3MP cam, WMP 10 and dedicated music buttons to make it a bona fide MP3 player. And it has a proper joystick for navigation – huzzah! No word from Orange yet on availability or pricing. Stab in the dark – June and, ooooh, £100.”

It should be noted that the picture here has been taken quickly by a camera phone, so it looks a tad “green”, however it is believed to be the first real photo of the SPV C550 on the net.

Picture right is from

Credit – / Adam Vaughan