Skookum and Jeyo Mobile Extender Reviewed

Skookum and Jeyo Mobile Extender Reviewed A big thank-you to the support guys at our hosting company today, who’ve helped to sort the memory issues some of you may have noticed with This is due to heavy usage – we’re now bigger than ever before and the site was extremely at peak times. Memory has now been increased and we’ve re-allocated how it’s distributed, so you guys receive a fast and reliable service!

Today I’ve also been busy writing reviews, including Skookum, which is an excellent way of finding an audio programme (PodCast) that you’re interested in and downloading it directly to your phone so you can listen to it while you’re out and about. I was incredibly impressed by this – I like anything that makes stuff easy and quick and this is just that. Brilliant.

Also there’s a review of a PC-based application that I use daily. Jeyo Mobile Extender is something I use constantly to send and receive text messages from Microsoft Outlook. This particular piece of software has been out for a while, but I believe it deserves another plug.

Check out the review of Skookum here.

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