Improvements made to the site today…

Improvements made to the site today... The upgrade to a full 1Gig of memory is now complete, which means that CoolSmartPhone can now handle more visitors than ever before. I’m still working on the cookie login system, this should be live very soon!

I also had an email in from Neil Deadman who said…

“Wanted to make a suggestion about your otherwise brilliant website!

The news section at the top on the right (More Latest news) has the titles cut short so that we can’t see the full title.

Would it be possible to either have a tooltip type box appear when you hover over it which gives the full title, or have them listed multiline like the news feeds from etc.?”

I scratched my head for a bit and then though, “Hmmm.. actually, that’s a bloody good idea! I’ll do it!” So it’s now done – when you’re on the main page, just hover your mouse over the “More Latest News” items (or the “Blog” items) and it’ll show you the full article name.

I’m now working on the CoolSmartPhoneCast download area, so that should be up next.