Motorola MPx hits the buffers

Motorola MPx hits the buffers After our recent story regarding the Moto range of Windows Mobile phones, it appears that a Motorola spokesman has now confirmed that they’ve stopped production of the MPx. This PhoneScoop article also states that Motorola won’t launch the MPx beyond Malaysia and several smaller Asian countries where the phone saw limited release. However, it does say that Motorola are still committed to Windows Mobile, and will introduce a more devices later this year. The company denied reports that the MPx220 has been discontinued.

This is a mixture of news, and we’re pegging hopes on the “new devices coming later this year”. It’s been a tough time for Moto recently – we all liked the look of the dual-hinge MPx Pocket PC Phone, plus the inclusion of bluetooth and a camera in the MPx220 in a promising clam-shell Windows Mobile phone seemed ideal – however getting hold of these devices is still tricky.

Source – PhoneScoop