SmartHiker – Free navigation tool for hikers

SmartHiker   Free navigation tool for hikers Most GPS navigation software is for drivers who don’t want to get lost. Smarthiker however is a Global Positioning System (GPS) application for the Microsoft Smartphone which is especially designed for walkers, hikers and mountineers.

This software uses the bluetooth connection on your Windows Mobile phone to talk to a GPS unit, which in turn talks to the GPS satellites hovering over the earth to locate you within about 5 metres. With GPS units getting smaller and batteries lasting longer, this is an essential bit of kit for regular walkers and includes…

– Current Lat / Long Current
– OSGB Grid reference (UK only)

– Current Speed

– Current Direction of Travel

– Average Speed

The software is currently testing and works on an Orange C500 with a TomTom Bluetooth GPS unit, however it should work on any Windows Smartphone (2003) with Bluetooth and other GPS units. Give it a try and report back to the guys at BBPSoftware

Tip – Alec Johnson