Get Screenshots with Pocket SnapIt

Get Screenshots with Pocket SnapIt

I focused for some time on creating a new free program for .NET Compact Framework devices. This program is intended for taking screenshots. It’s name is Pocket SnapIt and its source is also available.

Features –
* Full-screen screenshots or screenshots of a fixed region.
* Consecutive screenshots (you can define the time interval).
* Automatically stores the screenshots in .bmp uncompressed format in the directory you define and with the prefix you define.
* Features system sounds to make capturing easier.
* When the program is initiated, it ‘listens’ for the defined capture key. When you press the key, you can either take a single screenshot or initiate/stop the capture process for consecutive screenshots.

* Developers can execute the program with some command arguments so that the program takes automatically a screenshot and save it.

In addition, Pocket SnapIt is also intended to help developers for .NetCF development. It contains useful classes such as File Explorer, API calls etc. Finally, it’s an example of cross-platform programs. It customizes itself automatically for different platforms (PCs, Pocket PCs 2003, Smartphones 2003, in one executable file).

Requirements: One of the following platforms supporting Microsoft’s .NET Compact Framework:
– Windows Mobile 2003 (Smartphones and Pocket PCs)
– PCs with Windows. Microsoft .NET (Compact) Framework.

More information as well as downloads at