Call me, take part, listen to CoolSmartPhone!

Call me, take part, listen to CoolSmartPhone! You may have heard me mention the tests I’ve been working on with streaming radio. This seems to have gone fairly well and it’s still running now, so I’m planning to launch a new service for you lot off the back of this. It’ll be available as …

1) A single file download, in WMA format so you can copy it to your Smartphone like this. This is the traditional PodCast method.

2) Streaming media, so you can listen on-line as your browse, without having to download a big file.

The “CoolSmartPhoneCast” will appear whenever possible and will be a mixture of your comments, news items, cool tricks and general fun – just an audio version of what you’re seeing really. Now – here comes the funny bit. I don’t have much time in my busy week to do this, however I’ve always got tonnes of time sat in the car every day so I figured this would be an ideal place to record this audio fun – a few tests have shown that it’s really quite listenable and surprisingly quiet. However – I need your help. I need some comments, questions, interesting stuff like that. Anything really – just send it to me on Skype. First up, to answer your question.. “What is Skype?” – click here and get it or learn more! It’s basically an easy way to make and receive calls on the internet. I’ve written about it here, and it’s definitely worth a try. Once you’ve got Skype, give me a call now and leave a message. Call “coolsmartphone” on your Skype now and give me something to work with 🙂 I’ll record the main bulk of the show in the car, then slot your questions in. Sound a bit crazy ? A bit hap-hazard ? Well, it should be fun, even if we just end up with “the one and only CoolSmartPhoneCast ever”.