Another review of the Motorola MPx, but…

Another review of the Motorola MPx, but... Yet another glowing review of the Motorola MPx here at, however we’re still not seeing much of the mighty Motorola in the shops where Windows Mobile is concerned.

Motorola and Windows Mobile have had a tough ride recently. After the success of the Motorola MPx200, which was a classy black clamshell handset, Motorola promised us the MPx100 – however this was later shelved. A real shame. Next came the Motorola MPx220, which although it was released and is on sale now at Expansys, suffered a number of technical problems in the early days.

While Motorola still try to get the Motorola MPx onto the wider market HTC – makers of the Orange SPV, T-Mobile SDA, the Pocket PC Phones SPV M2000, M1000 and many more – go from strength to strength. Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse, Motorola plans to cancel the launch of its MPx230 handset. It’s also to discontinue orders of the MPx200 and MPx220 models with certain manufacturers.

Although this may be some internal restructuring and a change to the manufacturing location, it’s still looking decidedly shakey for the Motorola Windows Mobile guys.