Upgrade your TomTom Mobile

Upgrade your TomTom Mobile I love TomTom, it’s ruddy great. Lost ? Stuck in traffic ? Need an alternative route ? Need a quick, fast solution that’ll run on your existing Smartphone without any fiddly screens, car fittings and stuff? First thing to do, check out my review of TomTom Mobile here, then have a look at the news from TomTom about the new and improved TomTom Mobile 5.

Now, I know what you guys are thinking, “Oh, you frigger! I read your rather excellent review you did a few months back and went out and bought the earlier version! Damn you Gears you swine!” .. it’s ok though (Calm Down Dear!) because you can upgrade to this new version for about £54 (€ 79). At present you can only upgrade from a previous version – there doesn’t appear to be a version for new customers as yet, however I’m guessing it won’t be long before it appears here.

Link – TomTom Mobile Upgrade
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