The C550 Cometh!

The C550 Cometh! Next month should be pretty damned huge for the Windows Smartphone world. The Orange SPV C550 is due to hit the shelves in a big way, and now we’ve received word that The Carphone Warehouse are already plugging it with pre-order information, details of the handset and this real photo. The info also appears to show that the C550 will indeed be the successor – i.e. replacement – to the C500. However, this shouldn’t ever put you off buying the C500 as it’s an excellent handset and still my primary handset.

Meanwhile, over in the USA you may be aware that the AudioVox SMT 5600 (aka the C500) had a difficult time in the market. It got released on AT&T Wireless shorlty before they “merged” with Cingular (see “taken over and swallowed up”). This resulted in the AudioVox SMT 5600 vanishing from shelves. However, there is light! Cingular are planning to reintroduce this handset, this time called the “UTStarcom SMT5600”. For more details, check this PhoneScoop story.

Links :-
Orange SPV C550 Info

UTStarcom SMT5600 Info

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