Sale Sale Sale! Much Cheapness!

Sale Sale Sale! Much Cheapness! Summer is just around the corner now and people are out buying patio funiture and barbeque sets in droves. You might think they’re mad, but people get these things now ‘cus they’re cheaper. The same is true about the excellent deal we’ve just got from Vito Technology.

Until April 20th (not long!) we’ve managed to wangle an amazing 30% discount on VITO SmartMap and VITO VoiceDialer. This is a teriffic deal, and it means that you can get …

VITO SmartMap for just £11.12 ($20.96 | €16.31)

VITO VoiceDialer for just £6.35 ($11.96 | €9.31)

Just click the links above to find out about these apps. I think VITO VoiceDialer is pretty self-explanatory, and VITO SmartMap is perfect for driving or hiking with. Connect it to a GPS and you can even record where you’ve been so you can find your way back home!