Get Bluejacking with MobiLuck Baby!

Get Bluejacking with MobiLuck Baby! I got a mail from DJ Sea today about Bluejacking. I haven’t mentioned it for a while, however for the uninitiated it’s a way to send files and flash text messages via bluetooth to another bluetooth enabled phone. The beautiful thing about bluejacking is that the receiver doesent know who or where the message has come from! If you want to know more, watch this video and go about 12 minutes, 30 seconds into the video. The girl who’s interveiwed is the owner of

As it turns out, the Smartphone is pretty good at bluejacking and there’s a few bits of software to do it with. However, a very easy and quick way to get bluejacking is to use MobiLuck, which is completely free and available for download here, and there’s more info on bluejacking at the site I just mentioned.

Get Bluejacking with MobiLuck Baby!  
Here’s a screenshot of me using MobiLuck, it’s pretty damned cool. I just go to
"Who’s in?" (this lists all the bluetooth devices found), then click on
one and choose "Send Message as contact…". It’ll then show up on the
other handset. You can send anything – adverts, flirty messages, even
files if you fancy (YES ! EASILY SEND FILES VIA BLUETOOTH!) It’ll tell
you how close they are with a "signal strength"-type indicator and
you’ll probably get a dozen or so "victims" in an office. However, if
you don’t want to become a victim yourself, ensure that your Bluetooth
setting is set to "On" (Allowing Paired devices only), as only handsets
with their Bluetooth set to "Discoverable" will get these messages.

It’s a great easy way to keep yourself amused on the tube / train
/ bus in the mornings on the way to work! Get it now and start

Credit – DJ Sea
Link –
(Free Download!)