Downloads Comments Disabled – I’m Annoyed!

Downloads Comments Disabled   Im Annoyed! I’ve had to remove the capability to leave comments within the downloads section here at CoolSmartPhone today. This rather helpful and informative feature was abused by several users who thought they’d post serial codes for trial software.

This is annoying, especially when some of the software made for the Smartphone only costs like… 3 or 4 quid to buy. Come on! The programmers and graphic artists have put hours of time and effort into making these games and then they offer a trial version so you can see whether you like it. By posting codes it effectively kills their livelyhood – these aren’t mega-rich pop stars or media tycoons, these are just average people trying to get a few quid back for all their hard hours of slog. It’s not fair – especially when you see how many games or utilities they actually sell! They’re not driving round in flash cars with mansions y’know.

Anyhow, I’ve had to disable the comment facility. I’m really sorry for those who used this facility effectively – those who left hints and tips or updated URL’s for programs.

Right ! RANT OVER! 🙂

The good news is that I’ve still got all of the comments that you’ve made on a big database, so they’re NOT lost forever. I’m going to do some PHP coding to watch out for stuff like this and I may put this feature back into the downloads section once I’ve flushed out the existing codes etc.