Astraware give away free stuff!

Astraware give away free stuff! Usually I pick my front page stories by the level of free stuff, sexual favours or money that’s thrown at me by companies wanting to plug something. Today however I found that the BT robot-lady doesn’t bleep out any swear words at all. While I was laughing at the robotic voice, Astraware called me. They’re really friendly people and produce crackin’ games – so here’s a plug for them! are currently doing a big promotion to give away bucket loads of prizes – just check out the list here! Oooo that’s a whole load of goodies!

So, to celebrate their 5th Birthday, you can grab a present from the nutty guys ‘n girls at by winning. To do that, just answer the questions on the entry form here! You’ll have to do a bit of hunting, but that’s half the fun! It’s a treasure hunt see! 🙂

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