Sync Solution for Mac Owners – The Missing Sync

Sync Solution for Mac Owners   The Missing Sync I always get mails from people saying, “How do I sync with my iMac?” and usually I say, “Buy a PC mate” .. Nah.. not really. I’m only kidding. 🙂

We already have the excellent MissingSync for Pocket PC, but now it looks like there’ll soon be MissingSync for Windows Mobile too. This new version will allow you to sync with Entourage and allows other third-party software to their bits Sync too. Rejoice ! Windows Mobile Smartphone devices like the Audiovox SMT5600, Orange SPV C500, i-MateSP3i and Motorola MPx220 will soon be able to fully sync with Apple Macs! Can you feel the love in the room people?! 🙂

MissingSync for Windows Mobile will be released around June time and includes connectivity via USB, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi plus you’ll be able to mount your device on the Mac OS X Desktop like a removable disk. You can transfer MP3s from iTunes, import/export images with iPhoto and send/receive email.

Don’t forget if you’ve got a iMac, try PocketMac Pro, or if you know of any more please email me.

Tip – Neil Bird.
Link – MissingSync for Windows Mobile