Something is coming soon!

Something is coming soon! I’ve just added a quick article on using Windows Media Player 10 to syncronise your music. It’s available here, so take a look. This kinda leads me onto something I wanna share with you all that we’ve been working on for a few weeks now..

There’s been many interesting developments happening at Some are technical and a bit boring (like more bandwidth and better performance at peak traffic times) and others are a bit more interest. In fact, they’re soooooo big that they’re not even related to the Smartphone much! What do we have ? Well, we will – hopefully fairly shortly, be launching a live, streaming internet radio station!

Sure, it’s not quite podcasting – in fact, this is gonna be online all the time and you can tune in whenever you feel. We’re planning to offer hi and low quality streams, MP3 or WMA re-runs of certain shows (well… I guess you could call PodCasting if you wanted!) and as for the music it’ll all be .. well, dance / house. Sure, it’s not strictly related to Windows Mobile Phones, but then again it won’t have “CoolSmartPhone” in the title either… There’ll be a team of people working on this, so it’ll be launched when we’re all happy with the product and the quality.

The big news is that when this site does launch, I’ll hopefully be doing some shows! Perhaps discussing the Smartphone (which’ll be kinda weird in the middle of some smooth dance tunes), perhaps not – however, I’m gonna make sure that the live shows are placed online so that you can grab them and sync them to your Smartphone by using either Windows Media Player 10 (like this) or conventional means (like this).

More news on this when it goes live!