Pocket Mini Golf 2 Now Available!

Pocket Mini Golf 2 Now Available! Another exclusive to the CoolSmartPhone software shop comes Pocket Mini Golf 2 and Pocket Mini Golf 2 – Winter Wonderland!

What’s the big thing about Pocket Mini Golf 2 ? Well, it’s the successor to the best selling Smartphone game ever! This follow-up costs just £10.61 ($19.95 | €15.49) or £4.76 ($8.95 | €6.95) for the Winter Wonderland expansion pack. This really will be one of the biggest selling games of 2005 and now features loads of new features including multiplayer support, a massive variety of holes, fairways, rough, sand pits, beaches, loads of interesting objects to negotiate and much much more… If you were a fan of the original Pocket Mini Golf (still available for £4.76 ($8.95 | €6.95) here) then this will blow your socks off.

Pocket Mini Golf 2 is a must for any Smartphone owner, so try or buy it here. Don’t forget that you’ll need to own Pocket Mini Golf 2 before you can get the Winter Wonderland expansion pack.

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