iMate SP3i Reviewed

iMate SP3i Reviewed The iMate SP3i is a fantastic Windows Smartphone, and if you can’t get a Smartphone in your home country it’s well worth a look. In fact, our USA visitors can get a great deal on an iMate SP3i in our USA Gadget Shop here for a mere $291.95 – that’s around £154 or €225. In case you guys think I’m talking utter bilge, there’s a review of this handset here at where they give it a very respectable 8/10. Although they thought the keys were too small (the fat-fingered freaks), they gave it a glowing review…

“The compact and lightweight i-mate SP3i is an easy phone to justify carrying around. The camera and on-board games may not appeal to all business users, but i-mate’s extra utilities make device management — and in particular application, data and memory organisation — relatively easy.”

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