Exclusive – Orange SPV C550 will have Robbie Williams content

Exclusive   Orange SPV C550 will have Robbie Williams content According to my sources, the Orange SPV C550 should be appearing next month (May 2005) and has already been coined the “SPV Robbie” by some retailers. Why the SPV Robbie? Well, the Orange SPV C550 will include stacks of Robbie Williams content on (we presume) an included MiniSD card.

Orange have had a long history of using music to sell their handsets, and they have also announced today a range of “Great For Music” handsets, plus they’ve caused quite a stir by clinching a deal to allow direct downloads of tracks in the UK Singles Chart to Orange handsets. This will attract plenty of teenage customers who are interested in getting a phone filled with their favourite chart music without the hassle of getting an iPod or downloading stuff via PC and transferring it across.

Early SPV users may remember the Chemical Brothers video that came with the Orange SPV Classic, so it’s no surprise that a tie-in with Robbie Williams has been announced for this handset – which has fantastic music capabilities. It also shows that Orange are gearing up for another massive launch of a Windows Mobile phone.