Windows Mobile 2005 gets leaked and reviewed

Windows Mobile 2005 gets leaked and reviewed Hmm.. Looks like someone has got their hands on Magneto (Windows Mobile 2005) and even written a review about it here! The changes appear to include more one-handed operation so that the Smartphone and Pocket PC brands are basically merged into one device.

Soft-keys have been introduced – ala Smartphone, and it would appear that this new version will run Smartphone software too. In fact, this could be the death of the Smartphone OS we know of today.. which I’m not sure is a totally good thing as the OS on the Smartphone is quick, easy and fast. I don’t want a Pocket PC “esque” Smartphone.. 🙁 More details from the story seem to confirm this strange merge…

“After QVGA screens became the feature of smartphones, there is no need in a separate operating system Windows Mobile for Smartphone. There is little sense in the support of two OS (Windows Mobile for Smartphone and Windows Mobile for Pocket PC), when a single OS combines opportunities of the both. This division was justified by two factors. Firstly, it’s the restriction by screen resolution. Secondly, old Pocket PC and Windows Mobile versions were incapable to operate the device by means of the joystick and the digital keyboard.”

I personally still can’t see how there’ll be a total merge though, as without a stylus you’re still not going to be able to fully use the version of Windows Mobile 2005 shown in this story.