G-Prime Xtreme hits the Smartphone

G Prime Xtreme hits the Smartphone G-Prime Xtreme has already received many rave reviews from various websites, but now to make things even better it’s available for the Smartphone! At a mere £5.29 ($9.95, €7.68) you can enjoy this fantastic throwback to the great arcade games of yesteryear, with the added bonus of sexy graphics and smoother-than-silk game-play.

PDAarcade.com said “If you like shooters then I can’t recommend this game enough. Great graphics, sounds, control and presentation. This is a great game for a mobile person since it has that pick and play kind of game play. Highly recommended!” This is very true – when you first pick up G-Prime Xtreme you’ll start of with a fairly weak gun and many, many ships to attack which quickly gets you trained up on controlling the ship to avoiding the baddies. Then, after collecting a few power-ups you’ll get pulled into the game more and more! There’s even an auto-fire option so that SPV C500 users can easily control the ship without having to hold down the “action” button on their phones at the same time.

If you buy now, you’ll get a desktop PC version included in the price ! We really can’t recommend this enough – there’s high quality sound effects, music and beautiful graphics. Just get it now!

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