New Poll – Just what Smartphone do you use ?

New Poll   Just what Smartphone do you use ? I’ve not used our voting / poll booth system for quite a while, so I thought I’d ask our members a relatively simple question – just what Smartphone do you use?

I ask this mainly because I get questions from people using the SPV and Motorola handsets quite a bit – but only very rarely do I get people using the T-Mobile SDA. Do you have one of these ? Let your voice be heard!

To take part in the vote you need to be registered on – getting registered is free and easy – just click here – once you’ve done that and logged in you’ll see a “Poll” thing on the left side of the main home page – then you can take part in the vote.

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While I’m talking about voting etc, I’ve noticed that a lot of sites are using the Google AdSense “sponsored words” thing, which turns certain key words like “Smartphone” or “SPV” into a link which takes you off shopping somewhere. Now, until now I’ve not added this sponsored word link thingy, ‘cus I find it a tiny bit irritating when you get it mixed up with a “normal un-sponsored, useful” link. What are your opinions on this ? Hit the “Contact Us” link and let me know.