Orange M2000 Reviewed

Orange M2000 Reviewed When I was packing for our trip abroad I threw the M2000 into the suitcase as a “just in case” phone. Whilst on holiday I decided to do the ultimate test – to write the entire review of the Orange SPV M2000 Pocket PC Phone on the Orange SPV M2000. A challenge? Well, no actually. The thumb-board surprised me and I found it quite easy to use, even in the baking heat as the sweat dribbled onto it (don’t get too excited girls) 😉

I’ve put the finishing touches to this review this morning (at about 4.30 AM because my body-clock is severely broken) and it’s now online here. If you decide that you’re interesting in getting one of these after reading the review, there’s some excellent deals in our shop here.

There’s a couple of images missing from the review that I will add in later today (Monday), however it is complete otherwise. Don’t forget that the entire review (aside from some HTML formatting and tables etc) was written on the Orange SPV M2000 itself!

Read my review of the Orange SPV M2000 here.