New handsets on the cards

New handsets on the cards Whilst checking for news items I came across some interesting news items from At CeBIT this year there were three companies – Pantech, LG and Tatung – suggesting that they had Windows Mobile phones in development. You can see the associated stories …

Here (LG to bring Pocket PC Phones to Europe)


Here (4 new Microsoft Smartphone cell phones from Tatung)


Here (new Windows Mobile smartphone: Pantech PH-S8000T)

These handsets may be a while off, but again it’s great to see more and more companies picking up the Windows Mobile platform. Now, the Pantech looks quite interesting because it’s a clamshell design (this is the one in the picture) and the screen rotates vertically. This is pretty cool if you want to watch movies etc without having to have the phone flapped open constantly.

Don’t forget that it’s still a long way between here and the phones appearing in the high-street (MPx100 anybody?), however I think we’d all appreciate an even greater selection of handsets.

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