newObjects ActiveX Pack1 for Windows Smartphone

newObjects ActiveX Pack1 for Windows Smartphone Special edition newObjects ActiveX Pack1 family for Microsoft Smartphone 2003 and later has been published.

AXPack1 Family consists of about 50 COM components that cover wide area of OS features and supply additional useful features. The family ships with a active script host application with which you can run scripts on your device (phone).

The most interesting areas of functionality covered by AXPack1 family:

– File and stream access as text, binary or record based (flat file)
– Collection/Dictionary objects with extended features for tree-like structures support
– Custom script hosting (it is even possible to host script from another script)
– Running scripts in background threads
– TCP/IP and IRDA components
– SQL database engine with interface to it (independent of ADO)
– UDS data – keep your internal application data in memory, streams, send through the network, save in registry or text files.
– Powerful string formatting utilities
– OS information
– and many more

All the components and the Micro Script Host are available on PC, Pocket PC and Smartphone and provide the same functionality on all the platfroms, wherever data formats are involved they are binary compatible with all platfroms and can be moved/transferred without conversion.

Note that Windows Smaprtphone usually ships with JScript language only, but the VBscrit can be also installed (for example you can get the ARM related DLL from the Pocket PC SDK).