T-Mobile SDA II ready to reserve on the T-Mobile site!

T Mobile SDA II ready to reserve on the T Mobile site! Blimey! One moment T-Mobile are announcing the SDA II at CeBIT and then it appears on the T-Mobile Germany website ready to reserve with a June release date.

T-Mobile HQ have yet again shown that they’re ready to push forward with their very latest handsets (better than the UK boys, who still can’t get the T-Mobile SDA handsets displayed properly on their website!) T-Mobile Germany are launching this T-Mobile SDA II – which comes without a camera to target the business users just a few short months after T-Mobile UK launched the SDA !

So, the big question – will these handsets come with the next version of Windows Mobile – 2005 ? Without Windows Mobile 2005, the SDA II Music would only have one advantage – it’s got a megapixel camera, whilst the SDA II would just have .. a slightly different design.. and minus a camera. If you have a look at the specs for the T-Mobile SDA II it definitely shows the 240×320 pixel screen, so that clears that up (at CeBIT the screen resolution was shown incorrectly next to the SDA II and SDA II Music). Yes, yes, I know that this screensize is supported on Windows Mobile Second Edition already, but I’d love to see Windows Mobile 2005 in the T-Mobile SDA II and T-Mobile SDA II Music (and hey, the Orange SPV C550 too!) This would give these new handsets a real advantage and set them apart from the existing SDA and SDA Music handsets on sale now.

German readers – reserve your T-Mobile SDA II, click here.