Holiday times – I’ll be back soon!

Holiday times   Ill be back soon! The bags are packed and there’s a plane at Gatwick airport with a few seats free so we’re off on a 10-day holiday. This time I won’t be able to get near an internet cafe and check the site, so I’m going to be leaving you guys until the Easter weekend. While I’m sat on a beach being a general lazy arse, I’d ask that you guys keep sending me the download submissions, articles (reviews and tips) and email me too! (Although it’ll probably take another 10 days for me to reply to it all!) 🙂

While I’m off, I’m leaving the regular news updates in the hands of, and you should see LIVE news below!

Oh, and if you’re really missing me (ahhhh!!!), there’s a countdown timer above showing when I’ll be back and you can have a look at the photo blog if you’re hungry for updates. 🙂