Orange G2 Review

Orange G2 Review Bluetooth headsets are a must for pretty much everyone now – especially drivers as it’s illegal to hold and use and mobile whilst driving. Bluetooth headsets, like the Jabra headset I reviewed a couple of years back are now quite widespread.

Russ Casey has emailed in this morning with a crackin’ review of the Orange G2 Headset which now comes free with some C500 deals and is known elsewhere as the BlueTrek G2. Russ was suitably impressed with the G2 …

“…incredible performance means that you can rely on the headset to be working without much of a thought. The inclusion of a car charger means that when it does run out of power, you can charge it on the move. It only takes 2 hours to fully charge the headset from having a flat battery.”

To check out the full review, click here to read it.

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