Samsung i300 Musicphone – With a 3Gb Hard Drive t’boot!

Samsung i300 Musicphone   With a 3Gb Hard Drive tboot! Over in Hannover there’s a big gadget show called CeBIT which is one of the worlds largest IT and telecoms trade fairs. Basically it’s another chance for us plebs to see what’s “coming soon” in the mobile phone world. The show features this Samsung i300 Windows Smartphone, which is equipped with a 3Gb hard drive .. now.. let me just say that again.. a 3Gb hard drive. I still have a PC somewhere with a 3Gb hard drive!! Anyway, this is featured here at Gizmodo where they got this sneaky shot of it before the show officially kicked off. It’ll come with a 1.3 megapixel camera and a 262K colour screen etc but this device is definitely targetting the iPod user-market. Although the drive on this isn’t as large as an iPod, you can still squash about 1000 MP3’s into the phone.

Other features apparently include 3D sound, stereo Bluetooth-earphones (coming with the next version of Bluetooth). This handset, plus some similar devices from Asus and HTC, will be using the next version of Windows Mobile – Magneto (2005).

Source – Gizmodo and

UPDATE – Get more info direct by visiting this Samsung webpage then click “Exciting – Multimedia”, then “i300”. It’ll be able to play MP3’s, WMA’s, AAC, AAC+ and OGG files.

UPDATE 2 – There’s news here that the Samsung i300 will be arriving in the UK very soon with an annoucement possible in April.

UPDATE 3 – Bucket-loads more pictures here at Thanks Arne! Additional pictures below..