MiniMo(zilla) shows up on the Windows Smartphone

MiniMo(zilla) shows up on the Windows Smartphone MiniMo is a new cut-down version of the Mozilla (Firefox) web-browser for Mobile Devices. It’s still in it’s very early stages and you can catch updates here at the project site.

Some pictures of this new browser have appeared here on the internet running on an Orange SPV E200. Although the browser is simply showing the Google page, it’s great to see this new web browser actually working on a Windows Smartphone. You can also see a full-size pic of the E200 with Mozilla by clicking here or see the browser working on an iMate JAM here.

The browser isn’t quite ready for release yet, but if you’re a real hard-core “I don’t care if it mashes up my phone” tester, have a look at this page for Windows CE builds of MiniMo. I’ve given this 15Mb build a try and you can see a screenshhot on the right or another shot of it browsing on my C500 here. Remember that this is an early test and it’ll be quite buggy.

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