T-Mobile SDA – A First Look

T Mobile SDA   A First Look I’ve just put a first-look review of the T-Mobile SDA online here, which was written by CoolSmartPhone member Ian Moore. As you may know, T-Mobile weren’t willing to let me review an SDA handset (and I can’t afford to buy another phone!), so I’ve asked for your thoughts on this new Windows Mobile phone.

Ian, along with some excellent shots of the phones’ screen and casing from AgentM, has submitted this review, which is something any CoolSmartPhone member can do! You can all review software, hardware and submit news items and tips by logging in and clicking “Submit article” – or just email me if you wish, it’s all cool.

Read the first-look review by clicking here.

Oh, and when I say “first look”, it’s because the SDA has only just arrived here in the UK. Buy one or get more info here on the T-Mobile SDA page.