US Visitors! Our new shop is online!

US Visitors! Our new shop is online! is, as you may know, based in the UK. However, I’m keen to include everyone, and so today I’m proud to announce the launch of the CoolSmartPhone USA Shop!

Built and maintained by MobilePlanet, this shop includes the popular iMate JAM for $649.95 (£339.86 / €495.12) – although you can get this down as low as $494.95 with a new mobile phone plan. The shop also features 512Mb SD cards for $54.95, (£28.73 / €41.86), 512Mb mini SD cards for $79.95 (£41.81 / €60.91) and bluetooth hands-free headsets for as little as $39.95 (£20.81 / €30.43), plus there’s rebates, special offers and deals galore!

Visit now and let me know what you think. Unfortunately at present shipping is only available to the USA, but this may change soon.

CoolSmartPhone USA Shop now online here!