Handsets to arrive in 2005

Handsets to arrive in 2005 The 3G SPV that we’ve featured here should be out later this year. Umm.. I think. See, to be honest I’m not sure because I’ve had a sneaky look at the device road-map for Orange in 2005 and it mentions that…

“A Windows Mobile-based 3G phone will also be produced by HTC, to add to the Signature portfolio later in the year.”

Sooo.. is this the “3G SPV” mentioned here, or the SPV C550 ? Both are apparently to have 3G capability…

Anyhoo.. other highlights from Orange include …

– A number of new 3G devices as well several 2G handsets from the following manufacturers: Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG, Sagem, HTC and PalmOne.

– The new range will demonstrate an increased focus from Orange on our Signature phone strategy and in producing phones targeted at specific market segments.

– The total Orange Signature customer base reached over 3.2 million at the end of 2004 and by the end of 2005, it’s anticipated that over 30% of all handsets sold across the group, will be Signature devices.

30% is a hefty chunk – and it’s within this “chunk” of Signature handsets that the Windows Mobile handsets such as the SPV C500 / E200 and M2000 sit.

Credit – Dave Jeffery

UPDATE FROM GEARS – We’re now receiving info that the HTC Universal (3G SPV) is definitely coming out on Orange and it looks to be launching around July. The C550 is definitely due in May, although there are now doubts that the C550 will have 3G!