Bill Gates collects his Knighthood

Bill Gates collects his Knighthood Slightly off-topic this, but interesting none-the-less. Today Bill Gates attended Buckingham Palace to receive his honorary knighthood. The title of “Sir” isn’t allowed though as he’s not a British Citizen, however he will be able to use the letters KBE – Knight of the British Empire – after his name.

Bill has done a lot of work through the Gates Foundation in many Commonwealth countries.

In this press release Mr Gates said…..

I am humbled and delighted. I’m particularly pleased that this honour helps recognise the real heroes our Foundation supports to improve health in poor countries.

This honour is particularly poignant given the deep connections that Microsoft enjoys with the United Kingdom. Over the past 20 years we have benefited greatly from strong business partnerships and the tremendous wealth of talent and creativity of our UK employees and researchers.”

More info and source – Sky News