No SDA Music for the UK?

No SDA Music for the UK? I’ve chatted to Joe from in the past and he’s always been very complimentary about T-Mobile Germany and the support they’ve given him. T-Mobile were always keen to show the latest Windows Mobile Phones and get as many developers and customers on-board as possible. However, T-Mobile UK appear to be a whole different kettle of fish. In a telephone call to me their Press Office seem totally disinterested in involving any websites – full stop. They only want to get a review of the shiny new T-Mobile SDA in the newspapers and magazines, and don’t see the oodles of people on sites like this or MoDaCo as anything worth bothering about. Whilst I totally disagree with this, and our continued friendship with the excellent team at Orange shows why this line of thinking is wrong, I did get a bit of info out of them…

The T-Mobile SDA Music (pictured right here) may not not appear to be coming to the UK, and T-Mobile Press admit that “currently there are no plans to release it in the UK”. This is probably not a wise decision, especially when Orange are prepping the C550, which is a very similar device. However, T-Mobile didn’t offer any reasons why.

So, as T-Mobile are not willing to communicate with me (where’s the Press Release for the T-Mobile SDA?!), I can’t wait to review the Orange SPV C550 when it comes out. I also need to ask owners of a T-Mobile SDA to get their reviews, thoughts, tips and tricks into me here at because I don’t have one of these devices and don’t know how they work on T-Mobile.

By the way, the screen image on the picture here is totally wrong, and in fact shows a Pocket PC screen shot. Not my fault! I’ll fix it later though