Fizz Traveller Update – 2.1

Fizz Traveller Update   2.1 Fizz Software have announced today a new update to their excellent Fizz Traveller for Smartphone. You can get the latest version now, which is a 5 day trial, but if you’re a traveller this is worth a go.

Fizz Traveller Update   2.1

The latest version is 2.1 and features…..

• New themes/skins
• 24 Hour/Locale Time – Support for regional time or 24 hour time modes
• Network Support – Support for both Internet & Work Activesync connections.
• IntelliTimers – Better battery life
• New cities – 30 new Thailand cities added to database by default
• Bug Fixes – Various minor bug fixes
• 5 Day weather popup – Popup 5 day forecast on the main clock screen
• Home Screen Plugin – Minor bug fixes & support for 24 hour/locale time format

If you’ve already purchased it any version AFTER 1.2, you can update the software for nothing. Otherwise there’s an upgrade fee of $9.99.
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