T-Mobile SDA and MDA Compact go live on the T-Mobile UK Website

T Mobile SDA and MDA Compact go live on the T Mobile UK Website The T-Mobile SDA and MDA Compact are now available to buy direct from the T-Mobile UK Website. SDA prices start from a crazy £19.99 (on the Relax 400 plan) and MDA Compact prices start from £119.99. T-Mobile have given both devices a “5 star” rating. SDA specifications can be found here with MDA specs here.

So, we’ve got the HTC-built SDA and MDA Compact selling at T-Mobile, a whole range of HTC-built devices selling well on Orange. We’ve also got the same two networks preparing to sell the HTC Universal in the guise of the “3G SPV” and the “T-Mobile MDA IV”. HTC-Built devices are appearing quickly and performing very well… so, whatever happened to Motorola ?

I’d like to ask a question to Motorola that you’ve all been asking me.. where, where-oh-where, is the Motorola MPx? Remember these pictures of the Motorola MPx that we first showed in early February last year ? Everyone wants one, but .. where is it ? The Motorola MPx220 has suffered a bit, but now looks like a decent challenger.. come on Moto!

Links – T-Mobile SDAT-Mobile MDA Compact
(Don’t forget guys, if you have one, send a review in!)