More pixels baby!

More pixels baby! have got themselves a sneak peek at the very early stages of a Samsung Smartphone. In the pictures here you can see the “demo board” – this is basically the insides of a phone, but not quite squashed up enough to fit into a case just yet. This is just for testing. However, Samsung appear to be using the new QVGA resolution, which was introduced in Windows Mobile Second Edition.

The increase in pixels will basically mean you can get more info on the screen. At 240×320 pixels (current Windows Mobile phones run at 176×220 pixels), it might not look vastly different in the pictures, but it will mean you get a higher-resolution picture and more text on your screen at once.

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Update – While we’re talking about Samsung, it would appear that they’re launching a new Windows Mobile Smartphone pretty soon. It’s called the “Samsung i270” and will have Bluetooth, MiniSD, 1 Megapixel camera etc.

More pixels baby!

This picture of the handset is taken from, where you can get a bit more info.