Orange France go broadband crazy

Orange France go broadband crazy Orange have announced a massive rollout of EDGE in France and aim to cover the entire country with EDGE, 3G and WiFi by the end of 2006. EDGE, for those who don’t know, is like GPRS on drugs. EDGE will enhance the number of bits that can be fit into a single radio channel. With 3G you should be looking at getting around 384kb/s – roughly, broadband speeds.

Video over broadband has already been seen with 3G networks, but now we’ve got another option appearing – Digital Broadcast (in DAB and DVB formats). DAB radio in the UK is taking off and in Cannes this week a company called “WorldDAB”, backed by LG and Samsung and others, is pushing a new mix called “DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting)”. This will deliver TV, video, audio and data to your mobile phone.

So, do we need broadband on your phone ?

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