Off-Road Maps & Charts for Smartphones

Off Road Maps & Charts for Smartphones

A New Ring to Outdoor Safety and Navigation Turn Your Windows Mobile Smartphone into an Outdoor Atlas 60,000 Off-Road Maps and Boating Charts for only $20!
Maptech, Amesbury, MA – Some of us plan our outdoor escapes while others like to wing it and set-off without much preparation. But in both cases, having a detailed map or chart is a big advantage – both for navigation and safety. And now you can have it on your cell phone. Maptech’s Outdoor Navigator for Windows Mobile Smartphone has more than 60,000 off-road maps and boating charts for $19.95. Take your adventure anywhere in the USA.

Better safety: Maybe you’re like Daniel Boone who once claimed, “I was never lost, but I was bewildered once for three days.” That line gets a laugh every time, but talk to someone who got lost, even if it was for just an hour or two, and you will see just how unnerving it really is. 

Get to your destination and back again safely in the dark or any weather.  With Outdoor Navigator on a Smartphone you not only have the right maps and charts to know where you are, but if needed you can now call and tell your location. Imagine the peace of mind knowing where you are and having a phone to call for help.

Mark Jadkowski, Vice President at Maptech says, “Outdoor Navigator opens a new hi-tech door to the outdoors, and Smartphone technology makes it very practical and cost effective. With a 20-hour battery life a Smartphone coupled with an optional, inexpensive GPS is all you need to take full advantage of Maptech’s maps. We are excited for the millions of folks who love to boat, hike, fish, and hunt and explore the great outdoors. Not only will they discover new areas to enjoy, but now they can feel a lot safer having all the maps and charts that they need on their Smartphone – with or without GPS.”

Great value: Most serious and experienced outdoor adventurers know the value of taking the right off-road maps with them. But this is not always convenient and can be costly. USGS (United States Geological Survey) topo maps are the recognized standard for off-road adventures because they give you the complete map detail. This gives you an understanding of the lay of the land and allows you to assess your ability to meet whatever challenge you plan. But a single map can cost anywhere from $4 to $6. With Outdoor Navigator you get thousands of these same maps for your Smartphone for under $20. The same value is present with nautical charts where comparable paper charts sell for around $20 each. Outdoor Navigator includes 2,300 boating charts.

* Outdoor Navigator works on Windows Mobile for Smartphone, Pocket PCs and Palm devices.
* Priced at $19.95 Outdoor Navigator has no subscription fees.
* Off-road maps and boating charts are included for the entire continental US. There is no additional cost.
* Check out the free trial at
* Connect an optional Bluetooth GPS (about $120) to show your position on the map.

Computer Requirements: Windows 2000/XP PC. The PC is used to download maps from and transfer them to the handheld device.
Smartphone Requirements: Windows Mobile for Smartphone 2002 or 2003 or later. A memory card is not required but is recommended. GPS is optional. If GPS is desired Bluetooth GPS is recommended.