HTC Universal / T-Mobile MDA IV / 3G SPV

HTC Universal / T Mobile MDA IV / 3G SPV Right, so – you remember this article from last week? This Windows Mobile Powered T-Mobile MDA IV offers GSM, GPRS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi AND 3G – yes, 3G. It’s apparently also to be badged under the Orange SPV range too.

Some thought that the picture of the MDA IV (AKA the HTC Universal) was a mock-up, but this theory has been trashed with this close-up look at the T-Mobile MDA IV by It’s badged already with the T-Mobile logo and is small, compact and the screen flips all the way around so you can either use it in a laptop-style or a PDA-style.

Personally, I’ve never been drawn into the PocketPC Phone arena, but this .. this really looks good…

Click here for the story. You can also find pictures of this device in it’s Orange SPV 3G form here at