SPV M2500 Coming too!

SPV M2500 Coming too! We’ve seen a glut of new Windows Mobile Devices recently. News about the MPx220 coming to Vodafone, then there’s the 3G T-Mobile MDA IV plus the M500 too! It’s been a busy week. However, now MoDaCo have news on the next Pocket PC Phone from Orange, the SPV M2500 (yes, they have only just released the M2000!). Here’s the newsclip …

“Orange, whom we recently revealed are about to announce release of the HTC Magician as the ‘SPV M500’, are about to annouce their release of the HTC Alpine, (the critically acclaimed XDAIIi).

The device will be called the ‘SPV M2500’.

If you’ve been looking for a Tri Band, 128MB RAM, 520MHz Intel Powered, QVGA (boo!), WiFi enabled, 1.3MP Camera-PDA, on Orange and don’t want a keyboard… then maybe this is what you’ve been waiting for!”

Source – MoDaCo.com
Picture right shows how the device may look when it comes to market.