T-Mobile SDA.. Come on, it can’t be long now!

T Mobile SDA.. Come on, it cant be long now! During the past couple of weeks I’ve tried in vain to contact the UK Press Office of T-Mobile. I haven’t heard a squeek out of them at all, but today I did get this picture from a completely different source. The handset in question is the T-Mobile SDA. It’s already proved a hit in Germany on T-Mobile but here in the UK we’re still waiting for its’ “imminent” release.

The SDA is very similar to the Orange SPV C500. Its’ internal workings are the same, but it comes in a funky black skin and a redesigned keyboard. T-Mobile have put a “Q1 2005” release date on this, which means.. anytime between now and the end of March. You can see a big picture of the UK version here.

This phone should prove to be just as successful as the SPV C500 was on Orange when it appears any day now. When I say, “any day now” it really, really should be. It’s vanished from the “Future Phones” page so .. come on.. come on! 🙂