SPV M500

SPV M500 Just to confuse me still further (well, that’s not too hard to accomplish!), it looks like there’s now an Orange SPV M500… which is.. ermm.. the T-Mobile MDA Compact errmm.. Yes, it’s another fantastic HTC, and this time it’s on the Dutch Orange website. Frans has emailed me about this and you can check more info by clicking here.

Thanks to Andy Chamberlain for stuffing it through the Babelfish translator! 🙂

“This small, tough handset fits in very well your trousers pocket and includes all functionalities of the existing PDA’s! At present this isn’t available, but we can let it you know as soon as it is!”




1.3 megapixel camera

Windows Mobile 2003

64 MB internal memory

Remember where you heard it first guys! 🙂
Credit – Frans Diels