CoolSmartPhone Juicy Newsletter

CoolSmartPhone Juicy Newsletter Hey! Do you want something cool in your inbox every week ? Do you want the latest Smartphone goss ? The latest downloads and lovely stuff for your SPV / SMT5600 / MPx200 etc etc ?

Well now you can ‘cus we’re .. (me, I mean me.. it’s just me and a whole fridge full of lager) .. yes, CoolSmartPhone is launching our very own newsletter! Each week will be a mixture of the biggest news items, competitions, latest articles, information, questions, latest download submissions and my very own personal ramblings.

Instead of sending it out to all our members and spamming nearly 150 thousand of you, I’ll need you to fill in this little form if you’d like to get it. You can also find this form on the userpage, just after you’ve logged in.

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